Gitmo detainee on his media diet comprised of RT, Kardashians & sports

You can read the full piece on The Daily Beast but this part of the article stands out to me

He does not only ask Warner about sports. Afghani tries very hard to keep up with the Kardashians.

“Did Caitlyn get the surgery, did she vote for Trump? What does this Tyga do? One [Kardashian] dates a Cav? Does LeBron approve?” Afghani wanted to know in March, seemingly concerned about the impact of Tristan Thompson’s relationship on Cleveland’s ultimately thwarted hopes of repeating as NBA champions.

Warner, his Akron-based attorney, explains that Afghani has a voracious appetite for word from the outside world. Since 2008 or 2009, they’ve met at least three times a year, and the difficulty inherent in getting to Guantanamo—a trip that must be approved by the military—means they get over eight hours together in a stretch. Without an actual court case to work on, Warner and Afghani have spent nearly a decade shooting the shit.

“I hate the Kardashians,” said Warner, “but I can’t look away.”

So the exploits of Kim, Khloe, and Kendall get pored over at Guantanamo, along with the random news of whatever’s happening when Warner makes it out to the Antilles. Typically, Afghani, who is fluent in English, writes letters during their meetings, which—if they clear the military and “other agency” censors—get faxed back to Akron.

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