Giuliani admits that he spewed lies about Georgia election workers he accused of manipulating ballots

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Wasn’t he, like, once a mayor or something?


The black ooze that emanates from his head and mouth has erased all memory of his career prior to late 2001.


I know he had a small part in the movie Borat, but otherwise I’m drawing a blank.


Giuliani has excelled as a not very good lawyer, a not very good mayor, and a not very good liar. Fingers crossed he’ll cap off those successes with a long stint as a not very good prisoner.


So now I want to know why did he lie?

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He was an excellent lawyer for the Sacklers, used his former connections as a prosecutor to help them to continue their lethal opiate empire, and escaping blame .


“Yes, of course I lied. Let’s not argue about that. But my lies are legally-protected free speech! And thus my right to lie protects me from any consequences that the harm my lies created might otherwise accrue to me!”

I’d like to be able to say that that’s not how any of this works, but in the topsy-turvy world of Trump-appointed Federal justices, who knows anymore?


Giuliani was once a competent (often unprincipled) lawyer, whose instincts brought him acclaim and whose sociopathy harmed thousands of those trapped in the wake of his ambition. For every Boesky or Gambino Giuliani put away, there were hundreds of people abused by his broken-windows-stop-and-frisk bullshit, and for whatever he might have done to earn the title of “America’s Mayor” (less than he’d claim, for sure) there’s the counterweight of 4 Seasons Total Landscaping and a 5 year shitpile of democracy-undermining election denialism. I don’t know if his competence dissolved in the corrosive aura that surrounds Donald Trump or if he was always unhinged and it’s only now exposed by that loosening of convention that afflicts old men with power, but he has a long history of using his education and position for mean and selfish ends. There are good lawyers out there; people who use their training to try to make the world a better place. Giuliani isn’t one of them. I’d say he’s earned the title of not-very good lawyer.


i’d like to say i’m very sorry that i’m facing consequences for my actions.


Huh, admitting you defamed multiple people while hanging your hopes on showing it didn’t do any damage, when the people concerned went on national television, in front of a congressional committee, to talk about the serious harm that was done to them as a result… well, good luck with that.


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