Trial expert says Giuliani caused $47.5 million in reputational damage to 2 election workers

Originally published at: Giuliani caused $47.5 million in damage to election workers, says expert


Since Giuliani has already been found liable and even admitted to making these false statements his only remaining legal move is to try to convince the court he is genuinely remorseful for his actions and will never do anything like this again.

So of course he’s doubling down by continuing to slander these women from the courthouse steps.

To think that there was a time in living memory when this man was widely perceived as one of the greatest prosecutors in the country.


$47 million seems low. If correcting the record from Giuliani and his ilk were as easy as spending money to disseminate facts through advertising and social media campaigns, I wouldn’t be nearly so concerned about the upcoming election.

I hope Moss and Freeman are awarded at least this much. It should be more. There really is no way to repair the damage Giuliani did to them by weaponizing the fact-resistant MAGA mob to threaten their safety.


Yeah, I was coming here to point this out. He’s maintaining that everything he said about them was true…even though in court, he admitted it wasn’t. He’s already facing disbarment, and now he’s openly, in front of cameras, contradicting what he said under oath in a courtroom. It’s beyond stupid. It also opens him up to more defamation charges, by the way.


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Yeah, that’s exactly what struck me about this monetary estimate - it won’t actually work, given the target audience. At this point even putting out ads with Giuliani and Trump admitting they were completely wrong wouldn’t do it (because that would be seen as part of some conspiracy by the audience that needs to be reached), and neither are likely to do that anyways… The only way these women are going to escape the reputational damage is to change their names, give themselves new looks, move, and erase the records of those changes. (And then do the same for their closer relatives too, probably.)

It was very much “old man who doesn’t understand any of the new technology” style babbling. Which really drives home what a farce it was that Giuliani was a “cybersecurity czar.”


Dude’s gonna have to record a lot of Cameos.


The only plausible explanation is that he knows he’s screwed and thinks he might as well use the situation to grift more money out of the MAGAt rubes. It’s not like his broke self is collectable this point. But he’s not as accomplished a grifter as his boss and no help will be forthcoming from his boss so, yeah, stupid and delusional.


I was surprised to read this, & did not remember it happening (though it sounds like other people coughed up the dough):

The former president held a $100,000-per-person fundraiser for Giuliani in September

(Free link)


If Biff didn’t take at least a 50% rake from that fundraiser, I’ll eat my hat.


Look, I’m not a lawyer… But if I’m not mistaken, isn’t defamation per se a subset of accusations that are regarded as inherently defamatory, where the plaintiff does not need to demonstrate harm? I mean I don’t know if that means that requirement is removed or just a referral of the onus of proof, or I could just be wrong, but still. Is Giuliani… not a good lawyer?

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Former US President Donald Trump’s ex-personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, has been ordered to pay $148m (£116m) to two Georgia women over his false claims they tampered with votes in 2020.


The verdict is $148M


defamation per se (inherently defamatory):

Typically there are four categories of defamation per se:

  1. Saying that someone committed a crime or immoral conduct
  2. Saying that someone had a contagious, infectious, or “loathsome” disease
  3. Saying someone engaged in sexual misconduct or was unchaste
  4. Saying something harmful about someone’s business, trade, or profession

All states except Arkansas, Missouri and Tennessee recognize it.


WOW. Expected a decent penalty, but didn’t expect THAT much. It’s a thing of beauty. And it’s going to DESTROY Giuliani.


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Is this going to be one of those annoying situations where there are caps on liability, the $148 million is just symbolic, and the effective liability ends up being a slap on the wrist?

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He’s not collectable for the entire amount since he’s broke, but as with Alex Jones he’s going to spend the rest of his miserable life having his finances under the scrutiny of the court and will be forced to pay whenever possible. And as with Alex Jones, he’s going to be dragged back into court every time he repeats the defamation.