Giveaway Alert: iPhone 7


I wanted to be part of the 1% and I am.

Perhaps I should have been more specific as to what 1% I wanted to be part of…


You didn’t get a WinPhone tattoo, did you?


Windows Phone owner here. Also a Mac user of twenty-five years. Well, that minus a three-year fling with Windows 98 and 2000.

This is not a contradiction. Veteran Mac users know what it’s like to be with the underdog. The difference is that Microsoft has done fuck all to advance what had, at one point, been a promising mobile OS.

Once my Lumia dies, it’s Android from here on out.


I had a Windows Phone.

Well, I had a Nokia, which eventually meant I had to have a Windows Phone. If MS had bothered to keep releasing new hardware and/or stopped being shafted by AT&T, I probably still would be. I really liked my 920, but then they never released anything to upgrade to. Shame, because I did really like it.


Someone summed up Windows Phone mobiles perfectly, and I wish I could cite this probably-not-verbatim quote:

“Windows Phone is for people who hate having a cell phone.”

No joke, I was sold when I read that.


Wait—you’re telling me that macOS, by default, uses your AppleID as your login credentials? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck that noise.


With those new earbuds, I give you the Apple user of the future:


GS7 Edge for the win, seriously.

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your soul or your first-born?


I’ve decided to buy an Apple Iphone 7.
As soon as Apple starts paying UK tax.


1 cent, plus the retail tax on the original price. $50.

After the coming Brexit and leaving the single market that’s unlikely.

An adapter is included though. It’s a shitty idea nonetheless because you apparently can’t charge the phone and use the wired headphones at the same time.

They had to drop their €13B phone jack production line, for some reason.

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I mean, I’ve had some bad relationships, but whoa.


an earful of Jack

Waaaay back in 1990, 1991 I bought a literary-SF-proto-cyber-zine from Omaha called “Jack and Rip”. It was printed on legal paper and folded in half, and had red card-stock for a cover.

At the time, the Windows 2000 had one major advantage to Mac OS 9: memory protection. With Mac OS 9 I’d see ‘the bomb’ at least twice a day. Also, you could reconfigure network settings in Win2K without a restart. Basically, you restarted a Win2K computer less. A lot less.

Then Mac OS X happened. A year later, I’d jumped the Microsoft ship and swam for Apple’s promise land of ‘Unix-grade’ stability.

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