Giveaway Alert: iPhone 7


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Does it include an earphone jack?



Does it include an earphone, Jack?


Does it include an ear? Phone Jack!


Does it? Include an ear, phone Jack.


Doe sit. Inc. 'Lude a near pho, Nejack?




Thanks, Nejack! Didn’t realize it was so near.

I may need to order an extra Mountain Dew to counteract the ludes…


Does it include an ear, phone, jack?


It puts the jack in the phone. Include the fucking jack in the phone!
Jack, put the phone on Jack’s ear or else it gets the hose again.


No but seriously; I have a 5S now, not a 6, (and only that because AT&T made me an offer that was too good to pass up.)

When I’m due for another free upgrade, if the apple products they have that are eligible don’t have an earphone jack included, then I won’t be purchasing another apple phone; period.

That’s a deal breaker for me, and I was never what you would call brand-loyal, anyway.

I’ll finally be switching back to Android, probably something like a Rugby.


pssshhh…audio is soooooooo 2015. the new iphone is a post audio device.


I guess Apple won’t mind if I kill my iTunes account then, huh?


Ha ha ha ha! No.

I’ve signed up for these before. Fool me twice, &etc.


we all wish that was an option! no alas. the new MacOS asks for it on install and uses it as your main login account. uggghhh. I had to take extra steps to create a regular user account on my MacBook.

I love apple computers, i HATE apple philosophy. Great hardware, but they are software jerks. I switched off of iPhone to Android my last phone and couldn’t be happier. Still trying to decide about which way to go for tablets. I’m continuing to use apple computers for now, but we’ll see…the lack of ports on the new MacBook is a PITA.


Ah, but I’m not on a Mac, I’m on a PC.


I agree; the hardware is great, but the philosophy sucks.


It’s okay little Windows Phone.

You still have a jack. And wireless charging. And an SD Card. And you have a great OS. Don’t let those other “Smart” phones bully you. Apps aren’t everything.


Hi. I’m Moto, an Android phone with a jack. And turbo charging (8 hours in 15 minutes!) And an SD card. And a great OS. And apps. And all the users.