Want an iPhone 8 for free?

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/09/12/want-an-iphone-8-for-free.html

“But it’s an iPhone Jen. I might be able to get an iPhone without giving any money to Apple. I’ll be living the dream”


If this post didn’t have the boingboing posted by on it, I’d swear it was a scam by spambots. As is. ‘Meh it keeps the server running. Ignore it.’ seriously, guys, your advertising is scummy as hell feeling and i tend to avoid the hell out of anything advertised.


Betteridge’s Law.


No thanks, my 6s still works fine, and after almost 2 years I feel I’ve barely scratched the surface in learning how to use the damn thing.

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No thank you. I already have a phone.

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I signed up for one of these BoingBoing advertiser giveaways before. Fool me once…

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Not to mention, once in a while (seems especially prone on a mobile device) I see one of those, “Update Flash” malvertising campaigns.

I realize that every website has that issue to some extent, though. And to be fair, haven’t seen it in months at this point.

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