Giveaway Alert: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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…and you can’t change the battery, so in 18 months it’ll be a useless brick.

Maybe you should just consider not dunking it in water periodically, instead?

So, not the exploding one, then?


so what? most people replace their phone at 12 months anyway. if integrated batteries were slowing sales, don’t you think manufacturers would find a way to keep replaceable batteries?

your usage case isn’t the only one.

I’m not sure if there’s some Samsung specific thing you’re references. Apologies if you are.

I’ve had my no-user-serviceable-battery Moto X (2nd gen) for 18 months. No issues. I’ve had my work cell for two years (equally irreplaceable battery) also without any issues.

I now people who had an iPhone 3 up until a year ago who complained they only got 8 hours on a charge. I’d like to have a user-replaceable battery but with a good phone, it’s generally not an issue.

I buy nice phones so I don’t have to replace them at a year (or sooner) and so they still work well six months after I bought it. Not spending $500+ on a phone to replace it once a year. :frowning:

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I’ll bet the executives at Samsung counting those hundreds of millions of dollars in losses on this, wish they could replace that battery by simply sending the owners a new battery and telling them to toss the old one, I suppose that is one usage case that counts for engineers over idiot bean counters.
You got any idea how much they would lose over the what they thought they could make by having non-user replaceable batteries.

To provide some context to my post - I’ve owned a Note and a Note4. In both cases, the battery has failed and I’ve replaced it. If it hadn’t been for the hike in screen resolution, I’d probably still be happily using the Note (on its fourth battery).

You know that someone somewhere is buying your old phone, right?


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