GIVEAWAY: Enter to win our Ultimate Photography Giveaway - Canon EOS 7D Mark II Camera

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looks like quite a nice camera-- Canon’s version of the Nikon D500.

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Too bad it probably won’t work with my old nikkor lenses.

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Residents of Taiwan, South Korea, Portugal, Italy, Austria, China,
Russia, Hong Kong, Greece, France, Japan, Spain, and Czech Republic are
not eligible to enter or win.


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  • AKA “You are always snapping.”
  • If you experience snapping for more than 4 hours consult a physician.
  • I’m a Jet.

A strap on on camera? :astonished:

On which the winner will pay income tax. It’s a net gain for the winner if they wanted this camera and would have bought it, but an expensive surprise if they don’t consider this in advance.


All you need to enter is an email, so this will be won by a programmer with the ability to create (already created) a million email adresses?

Woops, I see, tied into Facebook. Got it.

Ironically, since entering involves promoting StackSocial and the contest on Facebook, it both increases your chance of winning (by entering), and decreases your chance of winning (by soliciting more people to enter).


You may win a camera, but you’ll probably just lose Whuffie.


You may have just summed up Boing Boing store. It earns BB USD, but costs BB major Whuffie.


Is it really tied to only facebook? Couldn’t we all gang up here and find one extra person who doesn’t really care to win and all recommend one another in a chain of entries?

I registered with email and got two entries, it’s one of those contests where you earn more entries by spamming friends. I tested hitting the FB share thing with privacy set to just me but it didn’t work (this does work for some contest things). You get two entries for following BoingBoing on twitter, which I already had, but clicking the button worked. I don’t use my personal twitter for much so spamming the bots/fake accounts that follow me was unobjectionable and worked. Strangely, two people/bots instantly liked the twitter post.

I’ve got all Nikon/F-mount lenses, but if somehow I won it’d be fun to play with.

Since this worked, you probably could be enterprising with multiple emails/browser cookies/etc., but it’d be a lot of work for what you’d potentially win, and they could disqualify, so it’s a poor strategy.


Looks like I’ll have to dig out that old twitter log in from somewhere then.

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Crap, now more twitter likes and a flipping retweet. I am part of the problem…


LOL, 50Ds are only 200 bucks. I’m thinking that’s my backup plan for a 4k video camera. The lenses however… I’m sure I saw some decent cinematography lenses for about the same price a year ago. Lens tech is getting cheaper all the time so… magic lantern here I come.

Yeah. Samayang lenses!

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Holy crap, those are cheap for cine lenses and the reviews are remarkably positive. Still glad I have no plans to do video, though, the lighting/setup/prep/editing overhead/storage overhead/everything is just too much for me. Plus hedgehogs are good enough as models, but their acting skills have a very limited range.

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Natural lighting FTW! Or as I like to call it “Why is everything shot outside during the day in good weather?”

Oop, little more expensive than I remembered but still, like 1/6th of the normal price. :smiley:

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Adapters are actually fairly common for Canon to old Nikkor for about fifty bucks, I know a number of people that use them very successfully.

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