Enter, win, choose which DJI drone to harass your neighbors with - it's that easy

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harass your neighbors

Really? :rolling_eyes:


Methinks @jlw is having fun with the title. If so thanks it made me smile this morning.


If that’s the case, then I’ll be looking forward to the title change on the next “glass blunt” ad.


I see in the t&c’s that if you win, they have the rights to your opinions in perpetuity…


[Yeah, that’s not quite what it says, still an odd clause, though.]

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“Enter, win, stop giving a damn about whatever your neighbours are droning on about, maan.”

The official rules link on that page just links to itself. Where are the actual rules for the giveaway?

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Clearly, the first rule is that you don’t talk about the giveaway.


Sign up at the store and tag the emails you get from them for the spam folder… Probably the usual 18+ resident of etc.
There is a link on the entry page that gives a pop up of the rules. With all the usual fun for this kind of giveaway.

Also, not be a filthy furriner who lives outside the USA.


Well not all ya furriners are filthy… maybe @Wanderfound after his workday but I am sure he showers up nicely.

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