Giveaway: We're giving away a DJI Phantom 4!

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*Some assembly required. Stinger missiles sold separately.

Oh, I thought you said Phantom F- 4. I got my hopes up for a second. I could use one of these in my personal air force.

I mean, check out the damage on this bad boy, still able to land.


My granddad served on various Skunkworks teams for the Phantom program.

Nice to see it appreciated. Great bird.

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Are you? Is Boing Boing giving away a DJI Phantom 4? Or is Stack Social? Will there be a DJI Phantom 4 given away specifically to a Boing Boing reader who enters this contest through the Boing Boing store?

I ask because the odds of winning are very different if the contest is actually a Stack Social contest and there is only a single winner for all of the entries submitted through Stack Social’s own storefront and submitted through all of its many while label affiliate stores.

So far, my impression from the linked rules is that Boing Boing is not, in fact, giving away a DJI Phantom 4, Stack Social is. And the difference is material. The odds of winning are much, much lower than if this was actually a Boing Boing giveaway rather than an amalgamated Stack Social give away.


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