Glassdoor's Fifty Highest Rated CEOs are (drumroll) all men!


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These diversity topics are becoming most boring.


determined by the people who work for them in the U.S. – their employees

I don’t think Glassdoor gets the blame on this one.


Look at the bright side. Fiorina, the HP Destroyer, is not on the list.


What color are those men ?


Let me guess, you are a disabled woman, from a non-Caucasian background ?


And that’s relevant to voicing his opinion exactly… how? Are you suggesting he should be discriminated against?


I’m not sure what this article is trying to draw attention to, because the low number of female CEOs is known and is not the direct subject of this article. This seems to say “there aren’t many of them, and the ones there are are pretty much hated”. I mean, if you’re trying to make the argument against needing more female CEOs, I guess that’s one way to do it…


Actually we don’t have any idea whether “TheSeeker” is a “he”.

The post could be from a cat who identifies as a German Shepherd, for all we know.


It’s not like Marrisa Mayer has been doing a lot to endear herself to Yahoo’s employees, either.


Glass Door & Ceiling.


None of your business.


A cat, posting on the BBS? I think you’re exploring some very unlikely scenarios there.


This “here’s a fact, be offended by it” doesn’t really work if you don’t tell us what you feel the issue is or what the correlation is. Is it that so few women are CEOs that they don’t appear? Is it that employees don’t value female CEOs? Is it that 1:25 CEOs are women, so why aren’t there at least 2 women in there? Is it that you know for a fact that Ms Smith from AcmeCorp is the best CEO ever, and her not being on the list is a sign the list is rubbish…?

This feels like someone thought “here’s a fact people will click on, let’s let them be offended by anything they want as long as it drives as impressions”. AKA, clickbait.

  1. In most cases, companies are not appointed a woman CEO until the place is falling apart from the seams.

  2. The psychopathic tendencies that good CEOs need to have are somehow less appealing when applied to a woman.


I’m astonished any CEO has a 97% approval rate amongst their employees.

I think ours would struggle to get 3%.


And, just for the record, this is the top 50 AMERICAN CEOS. Go to Germany, UK or Canada and you have women, even though it’s a shorter list. In the UK the third CEO to actually be in the UK (so not Google or Amex) is the female head of EasyJet.

I’ll let someone else ask how the hell EasyJet got into the top anything list…


It’s not relevant to his right to voice his opinion (that the post is so very boring that he took time especially to follow a link to the forum to express his boredom).

It’s just that that opinion itself strongly predicts the gender and race of the person expressing it.


The correct response, of course, is ignoring stupid lists like these, rather than “we must make ze list ideologically correct, comrades!


It’s 2015 dude…