Glenn Danzig directs Death Rider in the House of Vampires

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Is someone going for Tommy Wiseau’s crown? Hmm?

My first thought was of Uwe Boll. He has dozens of movies and a career highest rating of 40% at RT (average rating twelve). Google describes him as “restaurateur”.


So it looks like an interesting concept and frankly it feels a lot like a Sergio Leone Spaghetti Western and it has Danny Trejo. So why all the hate?

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This looks like an incompetent pastiche of Leone’s westerns, because that’s exactly what it is. It’s much more in the vein of a grindhouse flick, but without the sense of what goes into making one of those work. I mean, hey, maybe it’ll surprise folks, but based on the trailer and based on Danzig’s previous film, it’s going to be bad.

Yeah I don’t know the previous work so I cannot speak to that, I just stand by my assertion that there is a lot of hate based on the trailer, that seems to be pretty competently shot. Sure that does not mean the movie is good but it at least speaks to the production values present in the trailer.
A great example of what I mean is the photography in the opening of private ryan vs the combat photography in battle la. both used the same technique but in ryan there was thought and purposeful emotional connection to the scene and in B LA it was really just the style with out the substance

Why is the audio of this trailer utter shit? The gun-shots were easily 5db over any of the characters talking, and that alone sucks.

As most folks imply, this movie is probably not going to be very good.

Whew, that’s strong. I mean, the camera is pointed in the right direction, and things are lit, most of the time. The lighting is bad, mostly, but they used lights. And sometimes they put colored gels on the lights, which is a cheap way to make your movie look more expensive.

I dunno, man, that trailer looks 100% like a super cheap production trying to use their good shots in the trailer and even the trailer ends up feeling like it’s stuffed with filler and padding, which makes you wonder how dull the movie will actually be.

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The dialog…is cheezy and painfully delivered.

Seems like a grindhouse film vibe done with vampires.

The part where the main character introduced himself was…painful.

I might watch just to see the hot redhead vampire, but I’m betting this will suck.

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