Watch the gloriously brutal trailer for Danzig’s horror movie directorial debut "Verotika"

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I like the title; but the scenario looks tired and misogynistic*, and that sound recording is terrible.

*This looks to be a recreation of 1970’s Euro-Horror (though the framing seems rather pedestrian) rather than a critique of its unpleasant tropes. If the film addresses these tropes, then maybe it would be worth editing a trailer that reflects that.


It’s funny, last night I was listening to his last album, Black Laden Crown, and the music is probably the best he’s done in awhile, but his self-production just hurts a lot of it. I guess he’s very hands on with his projects (he was in the Misfits too, from what I’ve heard in interviews), but I think he could do with a second opinion sometimes. I’ll still check this film out.


That wonderful blend of BB + Dangerous Minds

just like Danzig!


Yeah, it’s frustrating. I just don’t care to see any more helpless women tortured and killed by sadistic men. I’ve read enough stories, I’ve seen enough movies and TV shows. It’s just enough.

And, fair or not, I’m going to end up comparing this to House of 1,000 Corpses. I have no reason at all to think that Danzig is going to end up being as interesting a horror-movie-maker as Rob Zombie.

The one thing that this has going for it is that it’s an anthology. It could very easily have one good part. But then again, to quote one of the reviews:

Even with ignoring the aggressive sexism, unintentional humor, and watered down stories, Verotika’s gross incompetence in the basic mechanics of film creation makes it an utter failure.

Maybe it’s just shit.


If it’s anything like his Verotik comic books, than it should be nothing less than a steaming pile of badly written puerile trash. And I say this as an original Fiend Club member who saw Samhain several times in the mid-80s.


Well, to be fair, this seems to have helpless women being tortured and killed by a sadistic woman, so… it has that going for it, I guess. The trope does seem a bit played though, I agree.

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Some of the coverage I’ve seen has described it as unintentionally hilarious and an apt successor to the room.

Which is also very Glen Danzig. The man seems to have absolutely no sense of humor.


If only someone would punch Danzig…


I must admit that I liked Danzig’s appearance on Portlandia. I’m iffy about this though.

Sounds like when I saw him perform with the Misfits a few months back.


Looks a bit like the video game Agony, that got roundly lambasted for being a pile of steaming, sexist garbage.

Kinda surprised to see it featured on Boing Boing, but maybe it carries itself differently enough to be interesting.

Also agree that the music for the video is uninspired

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Considering the Italian shock-horror films it mimics, any assertion that Verotika is UNINTENTIONALLY hilarious are deeply suspect.

Was this a lesson in how not to make a movie trailer?

here you go.

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