Happy Birthday, Lars Von Trier

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I predict that chaos is going to reign in this thread


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I will bravely say that I’ve liked a good number of his films, but I will grant that his assholery (and his general negativity) has kept me from keeping up with some of his more recent films.


Hey leave the danes to us danes……couldnt you have said happy stuff to either Willie N yesterday or Kim G like two days ago……

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Helmer : Here is Denmark, excreted from limestone. There is Sweden, chiselled from granite. Danish scum!


That’s a no for me, dawg.


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He was mean to Bjork. He can fuck right off.

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If you’ve never taken the time to watch a Trier movie, I recommend Dogville starring Paul Bettany and Nicole Kidman. Even if you end up hating the flick,

The only two LVT films I can safely recommend to anyone I know are Europa and Melancholia. There’s a cruelty in his films — however necessary to his plots — that’s understandably difficult to get by. For me, Dogville very much sits in that category… yet it brutally accomplishes what I believe to be LVT’s intention with that film: It forces the audience to come face to face with their own innate cruel nature. One has only to witness the towns’ treatment of Nicole Kidman’s character. Having witnessed it, could an audience blame her for her extreme response in the last chapter? And did any in the audience even silently revel, and vicariously take part, in that response?


Yep! A one-time viewing was more than enough. LVT’s most unnecessary film, as far as I’m concerned. I was left with a great big Why?!

He sexually harassed her during the entire production. And let’s not mention the misogynistic piece of shit Antichrist. I have not interest in watching films made by men who hate women. I’m just done with that shit in my life.

Bjork was excellent in DITD, though. It’s worth watching her performance. But so much of what he does is just so full of hate for women, and imposing his own understanding of what it means to be a woman… Yeah, no thanks.


That one a wise friend advised that we take a hard pass on. Pass accomplished.

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Yup. I have seen a friend vomit coming out of a screening of Antichrist we attended together. As she explained it, it was less the gore and more the psychological brutality. And I totally understand her.

I’ve never liked Von Trier’s work but after that movie experience I loathe it. And I’m pretty sure him, too.


I really wish I had not seen it. It’s horrible. It’s not the violence that gets me…

That part.

Between that and his treatment of Bjork… exactly.


He gave himself that little ‘von’ in the middle of his name.

And simply put, his misogyny far outweighs his aesthetic achievements.

And so I say: “Lars von Trier = milkshake duck.” Fuck that guy.


But but, love his films or hate them, they’re so interesting! You needn’t take a stand on his films’ obvious misogyny and evident quasi-fascist leanings. Why do that when you can instead revel in how interesting they are?!

/s obvs


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“his two-part masterpiece NYMPH()MANIAC. In NYMPH()MANIAC, Trier blurs the lines between pornography and cinema in one of the most disturbing and captivating narratives“

Never heard of him. But he sounds like the kind of dude I wouldn’t spend time with unless I had a tire iron handy.


I give melancholia a bright yes…

it’s just so cinematic

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Yes, definitely that, although – to me – LVT’s overarching ‘plot device’ is a touch… high school: In an incredibly depressing situation, a person suffering from clinical depression would fare much better than those who are mentally healthy.

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