Glif Smartphone Mount


Is it pronounced with a hard ‘g’ or soft ‘g’?


With polycaprolactone, aka Shapeloc aka many other trade names, you can make holders/adapters for anything. The stuff softens in hot water and becomes a sticky, rubbery putty. Then solidifies to nylon-like, surprisingly tough stuff. I carry a baggie of the pellets when traveling, it can get you out of unexpected trouble using just the hotel room tea kettle. A strain relief addon on a damaged charger cable can then get you over the next couple days until you’re back in the proper shop.

A method for making a charging cradle for a cellphone, with an integrated power connector, is shown here, though the cradle moulding process is just two photos:

The 1/4-20 tripod thread is coarse and you can mould it into the part by shaping the softened plastic around the screw, then unscrewing when solidified.

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I will wait for the Mlif version

Meh. I picked up this slick Joby smartphone tripod & mount, that will work with just about phone smaller than a phablet. You can use it with the table-top tripod, or you can screw it onto any standard tripod mount. The whole thing folds flat and is small enough that I can store it in a plastic flip-top Mentos tube. You can also buy each piece separately.

I’ve used it for both time-lapse photos, and long-exposure photos with my Galaxy S3, and it worked great.

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