Glimpses: amazing audiobook of one of the all-time-great rock-n-roll novels



I’m just glad to see some love for Armageddon Rag - one of my favorite books of all time. It blows away George R R Martin’s work on Game of Thrones.

Now I will have to check out Glimpses.

And then there’s Lewis Shiner - Slam. And I’ve been trying to find a copy of “Deserted Cities of the Heart” for ages. I made the mistake of lending my copy to someone way back in the 90s.

Great book.

Does anyone know whether Shiner ever wrote anything about the real-life “Smile” after it came out in 2004? If so, that could be fascinating… he wrote so extensively about the fictional version in Glimpses and it would be great to know what he thought about the Wilson/Wondermints version.

Two books I had nearly forgotten about. Thanks for the chance to reread ‘Glimpses’ and to rediscover Shiner. There used to be a music column in the Austin Chronicle called “Dancing About Architecture” and I used to know where that title came from. It truly must be hard to novelize rock n roll as most times it is tried it is just cringe-worthy. Case in point, Anne Rice and ‘Lestat’. One rock n roll novel that works pretty well is Skipp and Spector’s “The Scream”. It doesn’t hurt that it was one of the early splatter-punk novels either.

A fantastic book and audiobook. (Rudnicki’s also done a fantastic audio edition of “Slam” and (with a full cast including Gabrielle de Cuir) Shiner’s “Collected Stories”. Also, Cory, I have apparently not spammed you enough to check out The AudioBookaneers, because I did pick “Glimpses” as the best new audiobook of 2011 :slight_smile:

(And “Slam” was an honorable mention in our 2013 wrap-up.)

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