Glitch coats


Whoa, I have this exact link open in a neighboring tab, after a fruitless search this morning for more subtle mens glitchware (which needs to be a thing - work on it, designers!).

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FINALLY! A labcoat I cannot ruin!

I’ll be a cytology GOD!


Is glitched image or video an illegal remix? And if so, who will be sued?


I misread the title as clitch goats. :open_mouth:

These are so righteous! But I think BB just buried their server.

Your white coat/black coat links are reversed.

I’m disappointed that the black coat is so much less colorful than the white one. I was hoping it would be just the white coat with brightness reversed.


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Does this remind anyone else of the coat described in Lauren Beukes’s “Moxyland”?

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