Glorious new trailer for High-Rise, based on JG Ballard's novel

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Based on the trailer, this movie appears to have no plot whatsoever, but some pretty costumes. And “a logic more powerful than reason?” Does that even mean anything?

*That is to say, crappy trailer, not crappy movie.


I read the book a couple of weeks ago and I can see why it was considered “unfilmable” because of the structure of the story. It will take some re-imagining to tell it well in cinema. This trailer gives a good indication that they may have pulled it off.


Is this the kind of Ballard work where you need to read some Philip K Dick afterwards to cheer up and feel less paranoid?


Fun fact. The research of NIMH researcher John Calhoun, who showed that mice forced into artificially crowded environments exhibited aberrant behaviors despite no shortage of food or water, inspired both O’Brien’s “Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH” and Ballard’s “High Rise”.


I like the visual look and tone. Hopefully the plot, acting and pacing are equal or better.

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Could be good. And if not, there’s always They Came From Within aka Shivers.

Definitely a better trailer…

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High Rise is one of Ballard’s novels I have wanted, but not yet read. This reminds me that I should. Perhaps I can get it via ILL before the movie hits.

It amazes me that this has been in production, yet I had not known anything about until now. It should be at least as hyped as a new Star Wars movie.

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