Glorious sf movie posters of the heroic age


I love the tagline on Tobor: “Man-Made Monster with EVERY Human Emotion” *winkwink


The poster image for “The Crawling Eye” seems little like what I remember of the movie, which was on local NYC TV about a thousand times in the late '50s/early '60s. In the flick the eye was much more spherical - like a meat ball - and the appendages had very much a spaghetti like quality, even in the cold mist cloud the monster moved in. I think it must have been the original, though flight-less, spaghetti monster. The father of G-d?

Our local indie theater has a giant poster of “The Green Slime” (1968) hanging in the lobby.

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I know The Crawling Eye as The Trollenberg Terror.

Edit: added because it’s an awesome film:

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All is not lost. I remember Sky Captain had posters that sweet. It can still be done!


Back a few months ago, I remembered enjoying Tobor the Great as a kid. (The local TV station showed old horror/sci-fi movies on Saturday mornings.) I had the thought of writing a blog post about how much cooler-looking Tobor was than Robbie or other robots in film. Then I googled some images for Tobor, and saw that in actuality, he was a pretty stupid-looking robot. (Mental Photoshop strikes again!)

The Green Slime is every bit of wonderful cheesefest fun you expect based on the poster. Totally worth the time to see it with friends.

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Man, that girl got around.


TOBOR! The Man-Made Monster capable of Schadenfreude!!!

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