Gloriously impractical "pressure gauge" watch

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I originally though they were selling a true pressure/depth gauge, like this.

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You have to request the time of your timepiece? Form follows function. This is high form, low function. It fails at its job.


I kinda…like it because it’s weird and different. But not enough to actually buy one, no.

For awhile I have wanted a watch with a classic face design except the numbers are replaced with the days of the week. Because I am pretty good at gauging the current time but hell if I can recall what day it is mid-week. But mostly because it would be a fun oddity.


not bad, not great…but not bad

“Gloriously impractical” is probably the best description for this watch, yes.


A while back I talked with my boss about when he worked in Bangkok, decades ago. He said at the time almost no one local had a watch, and if you wanted to arrange a meeting, you sent them a letter with a day of the week and a place, then showed up and waited.

Your idea of a watch just saying “Tuesday” just made me think of that.


Ummmm… HF, LF is exactly why this watch was conceived. There are tons of watch designs even worse. Take a trip thru

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There have been some previous discussions here with folks around the world along the same lines around addresses. You might have to address a letter as 3 doors past the firehouse or 1 km past giant knotty tree. I’m ok with life being a little bit loosey goosey.

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You have to press a single button, which is also true of a great many pocketwatches which have clamshell covers. Do you claim that all of them fail at their jobs?

That would be actually useful.

I suppose this is why European cities had clock towers.

I think a lot of people would say that wristwatches are more successful at their jobs than clamshell pocket-watches.

Is that too spicy a take?

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I used to have a watch that looked like this:

It was good for freaking out folks who were enjoying some LSD. :slightly_smiling_face:


This would be a lot more interesting if the watch were actually a pressure vessel with a needle valve outlet that would leak it down over the course of 12 hours.


Is it me, or does the watch seem … big?

That sounds like a hassle to rewind.

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