Glow-in-the-Dark Lo-Pan and other Big Trouble in Little China action figures


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damn it @jlw as I do have room for more desk decorations.



I know, I know. Lo-Pan goes next to BB-8 and my Oswald statue.


And every box comes with a childlike sense of wonder!


Every so often I have to remind myself NOT to start collecting Funko Pop figures because that’s a rabbit hole with no bottom. (I already have a buttload of Lego minifigs and some other random stuff.)

This is one of those times.


Not a fan of most of the Funko Pop figures, they tend to be on the edge of being “Too simple or generic vs Peaking my interest”. Occasionally they have some that genuinely look great, case in point their recently announced Dark Crystal line looks amazing, with exception of the main characters… who look pretty plain. The other figures are really well detailed and sculpted.


That’s an odd place to store Lego and some other random stuff.


The real thingy, much much better. Indeed.


A lot of priests have been arrested for getting too much childlike sense of wonder.


The Ursu Chanter looks like my grandma…with an extra set of arms.


They also make the larger ones, same six characters. “Six Demon Bag”! :slight_smile:


Gonna have to get lo-an for my stepdad as Big Trouble in Little China is a movie we quote at eachother often (‘Hollow?’ ‘Hollow.’ ‘Fuckit.’)


Now you’re just being ridiculous! Hardly any of them have been arrested.


Granted, they always looked like grandmas.


I don’t think I’ll ever get the appeal. Giving a well-known character an expressionless, oversized square head and blank, beady eyes seems like a surefire way to make them unappealing and ugly. Is the appeal that they all look almost exactly alike, except for hair and costume? I know a lot of collections consist of things that are almost alike except for small differences, and some people like that consistency.


I love them, but I can’t really explain why (and the Dorbz line does a similar thing by giving every character the same cute smile, but I don’t care for them very much at all . . . shrug). Though I do enjoy it when they make an excursion into more detail (that Aughra . . . I NEED HER).


Forget those, what about this? (Non-affiliate link)


Here’s to the Army and Navy and the battles they have won; here’s to America’s colors, the colors that never run.
May the wings of liberty never lose a feather.

Would that be Lee Harvey or the Lucky Rabbit? :rabbit: