Glow-in-the-dark Nissan Leaf


Maybe this story is too new but I get an error when I try to load it.

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It doesn’t really glow that much, does it? Maybe it’s a trick with the photography, and they couldn’t really capture all the nuance, but I was hoping for more.

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That color is heaven.

…entirely organic materials…Strontium Aluminate…

Sorry, no. Strontium aluminate is not by any stretch of the imagination organic! Oddly enough, the glow-in-the dark dyes used by other manufacturers probably were…


Didn’t the VW New Beetle come in something like this for a while?

Strontium aluminate is not organic as it does not contain carbon. Nor is is novel, as most glow in the dark products use it. Why are Boing Boing just copying and pasting a press release from Nissan, rather than doing actual journalism? Aiming for the low standards of the Daily Mail is beneath you.


Strontium! What could possibly go wrong?

They couldn’t just go with phosphorus like my other glow-in-the-dark toys?

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Strontium Aluminate =/= Strontium 90.


Nothing. It’s not even toxic, much. The europium dopant is fairly nontoxic as well.

That said, they chose the aqua shade. I’d prefer the “radioactive green”. (And this was originally my idea too. Grumble.)

If this takes off, I can see kids with UV LEDs on keychains, painting dicks on the cars. (I wonder if it would count as vandalism, when the pattern decays in hours at most.)

There are also some tests of using this kind of phosphor in road marks.


What a shitty press release.

“Here’s some glow in the dark paint to drive up page clicks! So now let’s talk about how our car is single-handedly reversing climate change and how great solar panels are.”

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It would be refreshingly honest if they just said “We painted a car with glow-in-the-dark stuff, for shits and giggles. Now, when we got your attention, look at our solar panels.”


Its OK as long as you don’t lick it.

It’s the car from the end of Repo Man! I’d buy it, then put Reel Ten by the Plugz on an infinite loop on the stereo.


And if the pigment particles have the water-compatible coating, you could even be able to eat them and they would just pass through. Glow-in-the-dark crap, literally!

Hmm can we get it for pet food?

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The coated pigment should be available by pound. But you’ll have to do the blending.

Good Morning,
it is always a pleasure to read topics relating to road safety and energy savings.
I wanted to point out that the invention of this type of paint can not be attributed to Mr. Hamish Scott as these products are already existing since 2008.
Made in Italy by Quantum NRJ Ltd. ( under the trade name of Light-Inside, are used in the automotive industry for the production of helmets (Suomi), cars (Fiat 500 Abarth) and prototypes (Bertone Pandion).
Based aluminates are free of heavy metals and comply with all applicable safety and health at work.
If you provide me with an e-mail will be a pleasure to send you the photographic documentation.

I did this back in the last 70’s to my Impala. We bought glow in the dark paint and painted up my old almost rust bucket. Since the car was anasty shade of yellowish white it really didn’t appear any different during the day. We would then park it in the garage with flood lights on it for awhile. When it got dark we would go driving. Get lots of weird looks when your car glows! Only got pulled over once by a cop who was curious about the paint.

Nice to see old stuff new again…

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