Glow-in-the-dark 'toonie' celebrates Canada's 150th


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Aw, it’s just ink and not some sort of actual glowing substance?

Painted/colored coins are all over, but if this is actually in circulation, that is the first I’ve heard of anyone doing that.


I’m glad you like our new spy coin!


Well, I know what I’m going to pick up immediately…


But is the glow in the dark paint scratch and sniff maple?


To be more Canadian, the two people in the canoe should be having sex.



Is that a euphemism for American beer?


It could be, but it’s also a well-known saying about one of the skills of a true Canadian.:wink:


That expression more properly dates back to when there were only the major American brands available, and the various state drinking laws resulted in oddities like only being able to buy 3.2% beer in Vermont, if under 21, on a Sunday, before the spaghetti harvest.


Hilariously this was IN THE NEWS this week.


To get the new glow-in-the-dark $2 "Toonie, there is no need to purchase the expensive set of rolled coins from the Canadian Mint.
The Toonie is also available in this 5-coin collection from the mint for a lot less money (in Canada and USA):


Thanks for the tip, and welcome to BoingBoing!


The glow-in-the dark Toonie design is indeed cool, but the others IMHO reek of ‘design competition’ blase and inconsistency. I loved the '67 set, and was looking forward to this year’s series. On the plus side, the $10 bill is keen, and this year’s WWI series and WWII aviation coins are traditionally well done. There is also a 4 coin glow-in-the-dark set of non-circulation silver coins; the designs are appropriately cool, but they are overpriced and superfluous.


In unrelated news, Ontario Power Generation is said to be cancelling its nuclear dump site plan.


I got a couple of these in my change already.


Unfortunately, I use cash so infrequently there’s little to no chance of getting one of these organically.


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