Goal Zero Flip 2.0: Small but mighty USB recharger

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Practical charging capability: ~2600mAh @ 5V output.


beat me to it. why spec a device at a useless voltage? oh yeah, so people think they’re getting a good deal. although i think it should be 3740mAh.


I would have said higher, but the item’s listing actually says 2600. I assume that it assumes a ~85% DC/DC efficiency at both ends which would give 2700.


@frauenfelder If you want a tiny USB connector, I think the InCharge is better than the Nomad. Tinier, half the price, clips to itself with magnets, and pretty colors.

My new reference capacity shall be the oxen head:

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I recently read this blog post which tore down 12 different chargers

(I can’t now remember how I ended up on that site, but probably it was linked from boingboing comments)

Anyway, it was a fascinating read, except that now I’m pretty much convinced that all my chargers are dirty sources of random voltage at best, and actively trying to kill my electronics and set my home on fire at worst

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