Goats cleverer than thought




I think this has already been established through sophisticated computer modelling.


That is much more than I can say of most of the people I work with on a daily basis.


I have a old baseball that can go 2nd-order and even 3rd-order calculus.

Really! Every time I drop it, it calculates acceleration due to gravity, with a side-order of drag from air resistance.


Never read the poem “Fences” did you?

Horse high
Bull strong
Pig tight
And still the goats get out


I thought there would be a preliminary discussion of how clever we thought goats were to begin with.


We raised goats when I was growing up… can confirm they’re crazy smart. The poem left out how remarkably dumb sheep are, though. I’d heard reports of sheep that would get “stuck” by having a bit of wool snagged by a fence, and subsequently lie down to die. Try getting them to go through a wide-open gate, and they would just be positive it was untraversable terrain. Our goats would use the sheep as stepstools, standing on their backs to reach the apple trees.


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