GoFundMe to help Trump raise $355M

From The Hill

The wife of an investor has launched a GoFundMe to help fund former President Trump’s mounting legal expenses in the wake of Friday’s verdict in the New York fraud case.

This is her husband.

“If I made $400 grand a year I would be embarrassed with myself as a husband, a father, basically as a human being. $400 grand. How do you make sense of $35,000 a month? You guys haven’t done the math. You have not done the math because you cannot live on $400 grand a year.”

He also has mentioned that he goes “broke two times a year” and purchased two $10 million helicopters on December 31 as a strategy to avoid taxes, which has drawn criticism for showcasing a disconnect with the financial realities faced by most.


It’s grifters all the way down.


Where the F is my puke reaction emoji? :face_vomiting:
How can a human being be so callous?


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