Donations up to $8K for Trump ‘election defense’ fund actually go to Trump + RNC, not legal expenses

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Grifters gotta grift.



Is this fraud, and if the answer to that is no, how/why isn’t it fraud?


Isn’t this how megachurches work?

Ethically and morally, absolutely. Legally, I suspect the fine print covers his ass - “the art of the steal”, as it were. Trump has this down to a science (or he would, if he believed in science).

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“…all small-dollar donations that come from these campaigns actually won’t be going to legal expenses at all.”

Under 8k is small-$$$…? I actually looked this up to see if 8,000.00 is no longer 8k…? I mean, in the context this is being used it cannot mean 8k gold alloy or weight. Can’t even be precious gem’s carat.

I feel even dumber than when I started reading this.🤦

Is the graphic really necessary? Poor dental care is the result of a poor health care system and inequality. Using it derisively just makes fun of poor people.

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