Gold Medal flour recalled for possible salmonella

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So i know not to eat cookie dough, but I wonder if baking kills salmonella in flour.

(Yeah yeah, I could look it up, but why ruin the start of a good conversation?)

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Pinterest & Salmonella, like two peas in a pod.

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I’m going to guess yes, since flour is the source of some food poisonings from eating dough. But still, having a fine dust definitely contaminated? Not good.

Personally, I’m not a fan of Gold Medal because of the packaging. The glue is significantly stronger than the paper and it’s difficult to open without getting everywhere. Add Salmonella to that? eeesh.


A couple weeks ago we felt like pancakes so we pulled out a brand new box of Bisquik. Measured it out and started to add milk and eggs.

Hey what’s those tiny little black things, I don’t know but they’re moving.

Brand new unopened box filled with those buggers, good thing we had another box because I really wanted pancakes.

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Mrs. Bashful said she got notified that we had bought some of that but we used it up (probably in our Christmas cookies) months ago. Apparently, no harm was done because we did thoroughly bake every batch, along with some fruitcake.

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