Golden retrievers are magic dogs


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Needs sound effect.

All dogs are magic. :smile:


How is babby formed?


Duh! It’s not magic, you know. Am I being a captain Obvious ?

Anyway, it’s perfectly explainable by Science (I think) : if my memory serves me well (not sure about this, my school days are long gone), it’s called mitosis or meiosis.
It works like this:
— first day, you have a dog, then this video happens
— day 2: 2 dogs! (yay!)
— day 3: 4 dogs
— day 4: 8 dogs
— …
— day 15: what, day 15? I sure hope you didn’t wait until day 15 to open your own chinese restaurant.

That rate is assuming ideal conditions, which are hard to replicate outside of a lab.



The caption: konnichiwa!

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That’s what the first dog said when the second dog, his sister, stepped on his foot. “Ouch! My toe, sis!”

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Who’s a mitotic boy?
ah, yes, you’re a mitotic boy, aren’t cha.

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