First IVF puppies born

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I hope it’s used for purposes like African Wild Dog conservation, not just spending lots of money to make dogs.


I love the relevant dog names Ivy and Beaker :smile:

Are the other names also a joke that I’m missing or did they run out of jokes before they ran out of dogs?

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I’m not going to hold my breath. The same people who claim cropping a dogs ears is the right thing to do by appealing to breed standards (which they themselves set) will have no qualms with just making more money off dogs they can market at super purebreeds or something.

When the first human-tailored death virus comes from the bowels of a laboratory in [XXX], I hope it’s not some VX-type bullshit, where I have to wheeze and drown in my own (precious) bodily fluids–these scientists better make it a one-breath-and-you’re-done type of thing.

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Don’t worry, we have our top men working on it right now.

Top. Men.


Don’t listen to him.

The top men are just working on the delivery mechanism.


Spending money? Oh no, it’s about making money!

So, why has it been so hard for dogs? We’ve be doing tremendously successful IVF in humans for decades. I would have though that the procedure would have been tested on dogs way before human trials. Even if it were succesfull in other animal tests wouldn’t the utter failure in dogs be concerning?
For the record, I have 10 year old boys from IVF.

Red Green. Cobbled together dogs?

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Because you can’t breech a new dog with old tricks?


I was thinking it could have been the color of their petri dish?

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Ok, reserched a bit more.
Dogs seem to have quite a different reproductive system than most mamals. Also, there is only the oppurtunity of implanting once or twice a year, opposed to every 28 days in humans


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