Goldfish secrets


Could be the waterfall as well. Fish congregate to forage around flowing water like that, both predators and foragers.

I dunno about preference, but in terms of tolerance carp can handle a wide range of O2 and temperature. Crucian carp actually can manufacture their own O2 in their bloodstream.


Koi are notoriously bad at handling low O2 levels (unlike most of their brethren). The waterfall keeps the little pond it’s in interesting I’m sure from a food perspective.

I’m just surprised that nothing else has picked it out of the little pond. It’s pretty conspicuous in there.



I’ve eaten a large orange carp that i’m fairly certain descended from a released goldfish. Carp isn’t my first choice of fish but it is eaten regularly in many cultures. goldfish are carp. they only stay small because of the containers they are kept in.


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