Handmade Japanese leather goldfish bags


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Awesome! Even more stylish than a 1940s armadillo purse (although considerably less compact).


What a koi design! :slightly_smiling:

… I’ll see myself out…


So, apropos of my misreading of the headline, does anyone know about the feasibility of producing actual goldfish leather? I’m not sure if the squamous membrane that passes for ‘skin’ would be sturdy enough; but I’ve certainly never tried tanning a goldfish.


So can I get a celestial goldfish design?


Are you sure that isn’t a cartesian carp? Generations of selective breeding for enhanced powers of introspection have left them with similarly curious eye orientation.


Well when you perfect the process make sure to line it with something waterproof so that you can accommodate my misreading of the title an thus carry your goldfish with you.


And only $1400 US. Bargain! (shudder)


It gets even cuter: “koi” is a homophone for love.


I’ve run across fishskin leather plenty of times, but I don’t know if carp are ever used for it. I see no reason why you couldn’t, and carp get really, really big. I’ve seen poor folks netting goldfish that weighed so much it took two people to drag the net out of the swamp.

OK, these guys say carp leather is totally legit.


Surely “I pour your tiny world into a vessel of the flayed skin of your conspecifics!” might creep your goldfish out a bit?


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