Golemecha: imposing sculpture of a reimagined mythical monster

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So now I need to fit this into my Neon Genesis Evangelion headcanon.

(Talking of which, anyone know when – if ever – Rebuild 4 is coming out?)

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Earth golem?

“I’m tired of your Paladin’s shit, Dave. As you gather the useful gear from the slain goblins, the earth begins to shake with a rhythm. The sound of the forest crashing becomes louder with every pulse. Suddenly it emerges from among the mighty oaks. Clad in earth like armor, with twisted pines sprouting like adornments, fire as hot as the earths core radiates from the cracks in the earthen plates. The orange pools of heat where eyes should be enlarge, as a new inferno escapes from its maw. It let’s out an unearthy wail, as embers shoot forth. It’s cries ring through the forest, ‘My green babies! Who has killed by green babies?!’”

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Has Del Torro already purchased the movie rights?

There is a film already. With a less uke golem, admittedly…

Nice. But will it fit into a coffin with Josef Kavalier?

Years back I seem to remember Anders Sandberg having some minor fiction or RPG side project focused on the idea of Neon Genesis style mecha empowered by cabalistic magic.

So… Judaic/Kaballistic being combined with Japanese robot concept, somehow bound by English script?

Weird. It looks cool, but if the concept was really a Judaic/Japanese hybrid, picky me would have liked to see Hebrew and Japanese…

Also, wouldn’t the animating script just fall out of it’s empty crotch? (also “firecrotch”, sorry immature teen in me had to say that).

That’s pretty much straight NGE.

Tree of Life decorating Gendo’s office:

And formed by the Mass Production Evas:

Thank God no! The sculptor is just spinning weird nonsense with his “mythology” already

Before we get too far down the Hebrew/Japanese calligraphy rabbit hole, can I just take a moment to say how cool it looks?

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