Goob: a notional paltrovian newage woozine generated by Botnik's AI


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Dr Expert is an instant BB icon!


Points for “paltrovian”


BoingBoing is clearly flirting with another copyright lawsuit. You may claim all this is “AI-generated”, but it’s obvious to even the most casual reader that this material was lifted verbatim from some as-yet-unidentified source in the Wooosphere. You can expect to hear from Ms. Paltrow’s attorneys very shortly.


I see the real, paid-for ad link equivalent of these below every post on BB.

Try mixing some AI generated ones in with the real ads, and we could all play a fun game of find-the-AI. Click the ad to find out if you guessed right… if not, BB gets money!

Probably very against the terms of the advertising contract.


It’s like watching the singularity unfold. This is how it begins: the machines start creating better nonsense than humans can. Positively spooky.


Um, I see this sort of shit regularly in the ads at the bottom of boing-boing’s articles. Perhaps you are running this code already?


Some of these… they they almost sound like they could be GENUINE (for whatever that means) The Onion headlines made by hu-mans


Crap, I thought machines could never replace me.


I’m being replaced by a machine right now.

algorithm: @Papasan


Someone needs to train an AI on Infowars/Alex Jones’ marketing material of the same products, and then use the midpoint sentence between the Infowars-style and goop-style copy from Voyages In Sentence Space to create marketing copy on these products for a new vendor.


But do they have woo-filled smart salt lamps a-la the illustrious Boing Boing store?


It’s very funny, but I should not have had to right-click and open the image in a new tab by itself to be able to see it at a resolution that made all the text readable.


This right here. That’s the stuff. Holy hell, I laughed so hard. Dr. John Benjamin Expert. Oh, lordy.

Also, a very fitting illustration that Poe’s law is applicable to many ideologies and practices.


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