Good deal on 2-port USB wall charger

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who needs a link anyway…

Might as well just say, avoid cheap AC adapters. It’s not worth it. They are more prone to frying electronics, starting fires, and other bad shit. Just get an Anker, or Apple, or other name brand company that has a reason to give a shit, versus a Chinese knock-off manufacturer.


Came here to say this. A couple used Apple adapters off Ebay won’t cost the world, and using it instead of one of these cheap things may save your life.

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I bought a cheap Qualcomm ‘Quick Charge’ charger for my Moto G4. Weird thing is it charges fast, then drops just as fast! I need to compare it to a regular OEM one.


these rated wall usb chargers are worlds better than dollar store alternatives. they may look the same, but that is about all…just ask big clive :wink:

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