Good deal on a Wi-Fi bodyweight scale


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Apple Healthkit?

I suppose it wasn’t a deliberate steal from Heathkit, which was the complete opposite of Apple’s philosophy.


Saving up for the WiFi teaspoon


I think you forgot the “Internet of Shit” tag?


The best thing is that when you buy it online it has enough data to work out automatically which facebook and twitter accounts to use when sharing your daily weight on social media.


Here’s a question (that I am sure there’s no good answer to): are there any of these that can be configured to report to the URL or endpoint of my choosing without a vendor’s cloud? (Yeah, I know I could probably scam an existing device into it, but it seems like so much work, especially when I’d rather just reward a vendor that makes a device that doesn’t talk to the cloud.)


Does the botnet grow when you do?


Are you sure this is wi-fi? The description only claims Bluetooth, which connects to an iOS/Android app. A reviewer says that the app has to be running to collect data.

While that’s kind of inconvenient, that would mean it’s not sending our precious bodily information to the corporate mothership and that someone handy with Bluetooth could probably get at the data when the manufacturer disappears and the app stops working in iOS 15.


Why doesn’t someone make an open data standard for IoT devices, which commodity software can gather and report on?

I mean, we’re talking units, time, data points for most of these things… Why not create a stack that companies can offer support for as a feature?


I am astonished comments are open on this. Somebody’s not paying attention to detail.


Uh, that there sounds like that evil socialism garbage!


The description doesn’t mention Healthkit at all. Reviews and Q/A imply it can only sync when you’re standing on it?

Edit: A number of the questions/answers do seem to indicate that it works with Apple Health. Using the code, my price was $22.76 – no sales tax being charged it seems. I went for it, we shall see. I have a Fitbit scale but am annoyed it doesn’t work with Apple Health – it’s actually quite obnoxious. There are some hacky ways to maybe do it using third party apps, eeeeh… No thank you. For less than $23, this should do the trick. Reviews say definitely calibrate it.


A wise man once said :

Don’t buy stuff with a battery and electronic inside if it doesn’t need it. Because, you know, it fuck up the environment and shit.


Now all we need is an app that will fatshame you by collecting your weight from this scale and posting it on Twitter.


(the same can be said about plastic by the way)


This seems to already be a thing.

The scales (and the proprietary app) will apparently sync with Apple Health which will sync with Myfitnesspal which (if you want it to) will happily share your weight with Twitter, Facebook, etc.


better idea: regular scale, and a notebook


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