Integrating the data from my ragtag collection of fitness trackers

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I’m exhausted reading all of that, seems like a ton of work. I need a nap and some cake.


This has truly been a pain in my ass, but I’m starting to get the stars to align. I use HealthKit as the home of all my data.

For weight lifting I use Strong which has an Apple watch app and syncs up with Health.

For on road cycling I use a Wahoo Elemnt combined with a scosche rhythm heart rate monitor, Garmin speed sensor, and Stages power meter. That all gets fed to Strava, then Strava gets fed to Health.

For indoor cycling. I use a Cycleops Hammer smart trainer with Zwift. Again, that data gets fed to Strava, which then feeds into Health.

That all sounds incredibly complicated, but compared to what I was doing just a few years ago (hint, lots of paper and excel spreadsheets) it’s a godsend. Less time crunching numbers, more time actually training. Plus, with Zwift the training is actually pretty enjoyable these days.

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I had been exporting Wahoo to Strava, then Strava to Health. I found I had terrible Strava to Health loops going on. I had to work too hard to clean the data up when it’d start loading back and forth, and ended up giving up Strava for just Wahoo Fitness. Mostly Strava let me see friends data, so hey, who cares.

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The cake is real.

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I get the feeling that @doctorow won’t be happy reading this…

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Thank you! The one on the left is one of my most prized possessions a fully original '62.

I love that finish. Is that right at the end of preCBS?

Doesn’t your insurance company get all this? Ask them for a summary. /s

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Apple is probably doing a much better job than you are at integrating the data.


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Ya, I believe CBS was in full swing by the end of 65.

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