I prefer my Withings Body+ scale over an old FitBit Aria

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Any of these internet enabled ones do multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis yet?

The standard BIA measurements are garbage and I’m astonished that (at least last time I checked), no-one had caught on and offered a much more expensive option for those that care about accuracy. The closest was the Tanita dual frequency option.

Maybe someone has a patent on it.

They are just predictions, even weight. I have no idea about the accuracy but for me, it is mostly about points on a curve.

The problem is, the standard BIA measurements are so inaccurate that they can even be useless for trending in an individual.

The only thing I like about my Aria and Fitbit is the integration with TrendWeight. I’ve got about 3 years worth of data that I’ve collected. Looks like it’s compatible with Withings so I might give this a try.

The BMI measurements are always crap.

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I have weight going back to around 2013 when I got the Aria and it combined with Withings data in Apple.

I’ve got the Nokia scale which later became the withings scale. It works great with IFTTT and I have it automatically log the date, time and weight to a google docs spreadsheet. What I do with this data, I don’t know, but I’ve got it!

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Thank you for that link. I used to have an app that did that, but it stopped working ages ago. Happy to have a replacement.

I am a huge fan of Withings. I had a Move watch, and liked it so much I upgraded to the one that does heart rate monitoring. I appreciate their “calm technology” approach to hybrid watches. Their devices “just work” so much that I bought some Barton and Archer watch bands for mine so I had something to fiddle with.

I am fine with my Aria Air. I use fitbit as the source of truth for my data but I offload it to my own systems using the awesome fitbit API. I just use it for weight and thats mainly so I get early warning about cancer eating me up.

Fitbit make pretty good instrumentation for the price.

“Guesses” are fine, but I’m not going to pay one dollar extra for not-real stats.

I’ll settle for basic app connectivity at one quarter the price of this.

Have any of you found a workable method for tracking body fat?

Nothing cheap. You either need access to a bodpod / high end multi segmental BIA (some gyms have them), or pay for a DEXA scan.

I guess in reality it doesn’t matter though, it’s just a number.

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