Good deal on Contigo Autoseal Bottle

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I really like these for my backpack. I hook the carabiner-like loop on the cap of the Contigo bottle to the straps of my day pack, and I can toss it into a kayak or boat and not worry about the water bottle rolling all over the deck or bilge.

Is that the green bit? If it has a built in carabiner clip this is nice for kayaking. Nothing like dragging your water bottle out of the yuk to take a drink of nice clean water possibly contaminated by whatever you’ve been paddling thru. Gimme bottles are getting better and better, but a nicely engineered bottle is worth the price… mb

I have grown wary of BB buying suggestions as I’ve encountered some real stinkers in the past. Mark suggested some pocket T-shirts that were a great deal and have lasted AGES, but the wind up flashlights from 2-3 Xmases ago were craptastic. Win some, lose some. Expect more from happy mutants.

I actually own this exact bottle (albeit in dark blue), as far as I can tell, and it is pretty good! It doesn’t make the water taste plasticky in my experience, and the auto-close mechanism is pretty neat. The biggest downside is that the mechanism in the lid is harder to clean than it would be in a simpler bottle, although soaking it for about ten minutes and then a scrubbing with one of those flexible pipe-cleaner-esque bottle cleaner brushes seems to do the trick. Oh, and you can’t drink from it when lying down – if the bottle’s inverted and you press the button to open the auto-close mechanism, water leaks out through the button. Not really a huge deal, though, but it was a bit of a surprise when I tried to have a drink in my sleeping bag while camping!

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