My collapsable water bottle

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I have that exact one and, yes, it is absolutely perfect for travel.


I just started using this one. For travel it beats my everyday stainless steel one on bulk.


Your last “collapsable water bottle post” featured an accordion style bottle that you said is better than the plastic bag style. What made you change your mind @frauenfelder?



The last time I tried a rolling bottle it didn’t quite last at the folding corners, so here’s hoping these are heartier.

I’m going to hope that it’s durability, since this one claims three layers of some sort. I’m totally getting one to see how it stacks up against my all time rubbermaid favorite or the slightly smaller 20 ounce variety usually readily available at the local grocery store.

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But why does it look like it’s filled with blood?

Strictly speaking, all water bottles are collapsible.


Yes. And more importantly, strictly speaking, any pizza can be a pizza-for-one.


Yes, they really should be advertising its uncollapsing qualities.

It looks like this one available at for a couple of € from China:

(It’s still more plastic and has to come from halfway around the world, so no thanks. I’ll stick with my awkward weighty metal bottle)

I have owned at various times a ridiculous number of travel water bottles, because I travel a lot and need to be able to take medication at various times of the day no matter where I am.

I love the Hydaway too, except for the fact that its shape makes it hard to fit in any cup holder or mesh pocket on the side of a bag when it has water in it. When it’s empty, sure, it’s easy to store. But that inverse cone makes the bottom half hard to deal with when in use.

The problem with the flat collapsible water bottles (like the one mentioned here) is that they’re harder to properly clean.

The Nomader never lost the silicone smell/taste, even trying all the usual tricks (boiling water, white vinegar, baking soda, etc.).

I’ve been using my Anntrue a lot recently, FWIW.

But yeah, if there was a way for the Hydaway to fit better when expanded, it would probably be my go-to.


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