Collapsable water bottle


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Does it collapse with water in it?


They sold these on TV, back in the day: Popeet.


It’s like dehydrated water has become real.


I’m a fan from way back.





This [collapsable water bottle] is better than the plastic bag style water bottle I was using

It really isn’t. You already had the plastic bag, so this is just another piece of plastic shit you didn’t need, which will get used a time or two then discarded. Worse, you are encouraging everyone else to get this piece of rubbish so they too can use it a time or two, then discard it as well.

Shame on you.


Can you say more about this? I usually just bring an empty plastic bottle (or buy water in the airport), but was considering getting one of the roll-up bag ones.


I have the one on the right in this picture:

It colapses to smaller then the monstrosity from this post, you can at least partially fill it under even the most restrictive taps.


Avyctes, meet our dear friend Papasan. He’s rehydrating dehydrated water in a collapsable bottle right now.


Something I always ask before I buy:

how do I clean it [so that it is definitely clean]?

Because I have a Platypus and at least I can see into it, the material is transparent. With this bottle, no so much…

ETA: more thinking


Fire. Fire is the cleanser.


Hey thanks! Excellent.

And this way I can dehydrate the water at the same time!


I have a similar style water bottle and it really doesn’t work as well as I hoped it would. It would stand on its own when completely empty or when completely full. In any other state the bottle would partially collapse into a bent shape and not stand.


I’ve literally never thought to myself… if only my water bottle were somehow smaller.

I use a double walled insulated water bottle and it is perfection. The only concern i’ve ever had with it is because i’m a brown person i’m hesitant to take it with me when i travel by plane because i don’t want some idiot thinking i have a pipe bomb. Also had a suspicious security guard check my water bottle at a DMV but i suspect that has more to do with people not wanting to be conscious at the DMV.


How substantially do these differ from the internal bladders that contain assorted boxed beverages(wine and coffee being the ones that seem to come up most often)?


The designer must be a fellow child of the 80’s.




Yes! To see the magic happen, open the cap and look closely inside while you collapse it.