Good deal on the FryDaddy electric deep fryer


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Looks a little “greasy”.


We love our FryDaddy also, but we tried coconut oil at your suggestion and it made our house stink. Never again.


How’s your LDL, Mark? I’ve read that coconut oil tends to cause issues in that regard.


Oh, man, what are you doing to me?

This is the last thing I need. The fact that it is somewhat challenging to deep fry with a pot and a candy thermometer and maintain temps is the only thing keeping me from deep frying sh!t all the time…


I got the same model at Fred Meyer for $15. It seriously upped my falafel game.


i honestly didn’t know they still MADE fry daddies. the last time i saw one was probably '79-80. do still make the Watta Pizzeria, too?


What do you do with the leftover oil?


I’m sure @piratejenny 's dog would be happy to take care of it.


Nothing can replace my Cornballer.


I’d be tempted to buy a single-use appliance if it perfectly cooked thin as well as pan pizzas.


I’m partial to the Tracy Jordan Meat Machine, myself.


Avery Schreiber!


We had both when I was a kid…
The Donut Factory was my favorite, though.


The Whoopi Goldberg Апарат Чарівне М’ясо is far superior.



I thought potatoes cooked like that were somewhat carcinogenic, or am I remembering incorrectly?


And bread crusts! Be sure to only eat bread with the crust removed. (Who knew that those fussy little kids who demand the crust be cut from their sandwiches are actually present health conscious consumers seeking to reduce their cancer risk!)

/s - sort of


Acrylamide doesn’t appear to be in raw foods themselves. It’s formed when certain starchy foods are cooked at high temperatures (above about 250° F)

Above 250F?! Well I guess I’m signed up for cancer. On my tombstone: Crispy roasted potatoes for life, until death.


I thought we were all about the air fryers these days?