I love this airfryer

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How long have you had it? Reviews on Amazon mention the nonstick coating on the bottom starts peeling after a bit, so I wonder if you’ve seen anything like that.


These airfryers feel just a little too monotasked, but then again they have a small footprint, and generally speaking if I need to bake something I don’t really want to use a countertop appliance. (otherwise I’d go buy a convection/toaster)

I guess I’ll just stick to my microwave and slice toaster for now. (I’ve given up on my foreman style grill ever cooking evenly or not being a greasy annoyance)

My wife bought me a Cuisinart griddler (https://www.cuisinart.com/products/grills/gr-300ws/), and the nice thing is that the plates are heavy, so it cooks evenly, and they can be turned from the ridged side to a flat side. That, plus it opens up and lays flat. Which means it’s a two-use appliance: both pressing sandwiches or burgers; and making pancakes.

@jlw If you like this sort of thing, have you looked at a halogen oven, as an alternative convection oven?

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Also wondering how long you’ve had it. Many reviews say this is a POS.

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I have had it for about 60 days. The non-stick coating is scratched where the basket contacts with the fryer body, but nothing else shows any signs of wear.


i absolutely love my “air fryer”. it’s not this brand but everything about it looks the same. i’ve had no problem with peeling in the 16 months i’ve had it.

besides the fantastic chicken wings (20 minutes or so from frozen) and yes, perfect tater tots, my favorite use is to take it for office luncheons. “fresh” tacquitos or stuffed jalapenos or pigs-in-a-blanket from sams club.

a great addition to the standard velveta queso, 7-layer dip and veggie tray

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It looks like Batman.

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Major fake Internet Points if you can get it to look like Harley Quinn.

Thankful that these things are, when used in the American Southwest, distinct from leaving food outside a bit. (Less char and loss to escaping chickens and cats I suppose?)

This is the information that I came here to find. I’ve kicked around the idea of getting a Fry Daddy or something like that for years but I can’t bring myself to deal with the maintenance and I really don’t like the idea of having all of that very hot oil sitting on the kitchen counter while it’s in use.

Perfect Tater Tots are also a plus.

We have a Tefal Actifry - With 2 teenage boys in the family, the 1.7Kg capacity is a godsend.

Probably not as smelly as the Fry Daddy. The smell of oil is the main reason why I never deep fry anything in my home.

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