This innovative air fryer is now on sale for over 60% off

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I really wanted this, but they won’t let me check out without emailing a picture of my credit card. I’m… not going to do that.

Thanks for contacting us!

If you received an error 900 message when you were checking out it’s because our payment processor believes the transaction may not have been authorized by the cardholder.

Please reply to this email with a picture of the credit card used showing your name as the cardholder.

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A convection oven! How novel.

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I’ve tried air fryers. But my Mother’s old Farberware convection oven - which is about as old as I am - still works perfectly. It’s much, much bigger. It has great air circulation and can reach 475F. It is also a solid metal Beast of an appliance. It will probably still work after I’m dead.

Fried Air Is A Reality!


I have a Cuisinart convection oven that’s at least 15 years old. Gets up to 500, and still works great. I cut a piece of cast iron to fit and use as a pizza steel.


Or visit my state, fry things in the air for free.

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Yeah, that doesn’t strike me as a great idea any more than the places that want you to send a scan of your driver’s license. None of the anti-counterfeiting security measures can be checked using a scan, so there is no way to tell if it’s real or Photoshopped (so why ask for it?), and once the scan is in the wild it seems like scammers might get ahold of it. There’s not taking it back.


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