This high-capacity air fryer does more than just fry

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You must be talking about some pretty bad cooks. I can cook something plenty dirty (or unhealthy) in the oven and I can cook something quite healthy in the microwave. The slow/fast part is correct and I’ll usually choose an oven over a microwave (but the stove beats them both handily), but it has absolutely nothing to do with the speed or healthy-ness of the method. Heat just makes for tastier food than wiggling wiggling water.

Maybe the BB store is going to start making health claims and we can get it shut down. A boy can dream.


Please define “dirty”.

For that matter, tell us how cooking the same food in the microwave rather than in the oven makes it less nutritious or less clean…

I mean, just screw right off. You don’t get to declare food “clean” and “dirty” on whims to support your own messed up ideals about nutrition that have zero scientific evidence behind them, yeah, I know, it just so happened that you called your white-gluten-free bread cheese and cracker ass diet “clean” because everyone knows that when it comes to food the opposite of clean doesn’t have any negative meaning or racist stereotypes.

A pre-packaged meal cooked in the oven isn’t any healthier than the same pre-packaged meal cooked in the microwave. Pre-packaged French fries have the same nutritional value cooked in the air frier or in the oven or in the microwave. (Yeah, deep fat frying them does change the nutritional value, but if you don’t break out the lard it isn’t that much worse for you. And screw you for thinking that you can call deep-fried French fries dirty.)

Also, a hearty screw you to Panera for continuing to refer to their just as dirty-ass skanky fast food horrible for you wanna be healthy food as “clean” and keeping it in the public conscious.

It’s a damn toaster oven. Tell us about how well it works. Tell us how well it cooks food. Tell us why it’s worth twice as much as functionally equivalent toaster ovens. Tell us about that rotisserie which might actually be worth it.

But don’t use racism to sell your overpriced crap.



Seriously, how many boingboing shop posts have there been in the last 4 days?


An air fryer is just a small glorified convection over.

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I can’t tell if the quantity of shit posts has gone up or if the quantity of stuff I’m actually interested in has gone down. Does any happy mutant actually buy this stuff? Wouldn’t buying it automatically disqualify you from being a happy mutant?


sounds like an urban dictionary euphemism if i ever heard one.

also, maybe you should clean your microwave. :slight_smile:

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Fried Air Is a Reality!


They already did with some of those cannabis gummies. Super sketchy.

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As the Protoss say: “My life fryer!”

To hell with the…whatever-it-is… I need that LOVELY counter top.

“You really inhaled those fried” taken literally!

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To be fair, likely it’s part of the job description. And each week at the conference table someone in charge hands out the assignments, while everyone grumbles. “I’m a writer,but there’s no way I can make this sound appealing”. Then people avoid the meetings to avoid the assignments.

My inner Pedant has been triggered…

The one thing that Air Fryers do NOT do at all, ever, is fry. They bake.


They claim it’s “frying” because you oil the surface of some of the things you cook in it, the oven heats the oil at the same rate it heats the thing you are cooking, and they think that’s “air frying”. Actual cooks call that baking or roasting.

So, according to their broken understanding, if you baste your holiday turkey with butter, you are “air frying” it. If you brush butter on the tops of the bread loaves you’re baking, you’re “air frying” them. If you rub olive oil on the outside of a roast before cooking it you are “air frying” it.

They’re apparently air journalists. Actual cooks call them idiots.


Are these air fryers gimmicky convection ovens?

The gimmicktry is in the marketing, as they are exactly confection ovens, just scaled a size that works very well to serve 1-2 people.

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