Good luck in the D2 playoffs, Emerald City Roller Girls!

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Traditionally, I’m a Charm City RG fan myself, but my favorite skaters have retired or moved away…And as the sport became more serious the skating got better but the whole thing seemed more like a real sport there seems to be less of a “hey guys, let’s put on a show!” vibe…

Our next-door neighbour is a Rat City Rollergirl.

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Having officiated in Detroit for five years, I know the skaters there have always wanted the city to host the playoffs and I’m happy to see they’ve finally been selected as hosts. A shame they won’t be holding it in the Masonic Temple (which is quite possibly the best derby venue in the country IMHO) as it lacks the capacity to skate more than one bout at a time.

Good luck to all the teams that have earned their seeds - skate hard, skate strong, and skate safe!

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