Trump's travel ban throws roller derby into chaos


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Why not just move it to Canada? I also think that even if no teams were directly affected by the ban a lot of people would prefer to not come here because of the Republican Administration and its policies.


Behdadi was not born in Iran and holds a Swedish passport, but Iran still considers them a citizen because of their parents.

A common problem with Iran in particular- it’s actually not possible to renounce Iranian citizenship.


Even Derby Gals hate tRump, go figure…


Many players hold citizenship in one of the banned countries…

That means they’re terrorists, right? On rollerskates?


Sure they do. I’ve known quite a few, they’re badass.

I love Roller Derby, and not just because Damon Runyon invented it.*

*No, seriously, he did.



… Just look at their skating names…Allie Kayda? Judy Boom? Yep, sound like terrorists to me…


I predict that some of our local teams here in HI will run afoul of this the next time they try to go to the mainland for a meet. HI ain’t part of the US, don’cha know?


I don’t want to stereotype but I know a couple of roller derby gals who’d love to get Trump and Pence into the ring…as the opposing team.


Trump’s travel ban throws roller derby into chaos

As it should be. Guess POTUS Trump is managing to fix some stuff after all.


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