Meet the 2016 Minnesota State High School All Hockey Hair Team


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From the “Mullet” hall of fame.


Did I see lutefisk at 0:25?


you betcha! and served with spam and lefse on a purple platter.


Hilarious. I play on an old timers league (30+ is considered an old timer apparently) and one of my teammates wore a mullet wig under his helmet during a charity game. Looked realistic and had us all laughing. He must have been hotter than Hades by the time the third period rolled around though.


Two minutes of solid comedy. Too bad it was eight minutes long.


shakes head slowly


Well, I enjoyed the hell out of that, and I’m proud to say that the school that had the best hair was my very own high school! Go Braves, or Buccaneers, or Bruins, or whatever the heck you guys go by these days!


IDK, didn’t look grey enough…

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