The short and long history of the mullet

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Truly a haircut for our times.

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The video is worth the watch just to see Lance Geiger’s own spectacular mullet photos from the 80s.

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I remember these locally being called the “Soccer Rocker” in the 80’s, because all the guys on our high school soccer team seemed to have one, in particular the variant with the spiky hair in front


What fresh new h*ll can we expect next, bow ties?


For those wondering where the German name for it—Vokuhila—comes from, it’s from vorne kurz, hinten lang. Often also spelled Focuhila, as people forget it’s an abbreviation.

I like the callback to the Celtic tonsure, but that was approaching the Kossack style, the fore part not only cut short but shaved.

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Imma take this weak excuse to show off this year’s Hallowe’en costume.

The hat reads Calvin Exotic if that helps.


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