Good sale on self-healing cutting mats


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It is a pity that they are only self-healing because when I cut myself while using one I had to go the hospital and have a doctor glue part of my finger back on.


Also folks need to remember self-healing is not the same as indestructible.


What, you don’t keep tubes of superglue around in case of cuts? It would have to be a very bad cut indeed to cause me to go to A&E; while camping I was slicing some wood for kindling for my little stove, the knife slipped and I cut my thumb down the side of the nail to the bottom of the nail. All I had with me was superglue and toilet paper, so I wrapped strips of paper round my thumb and soaked it in superglue, let it dry, then added more.
After a couple of weeks, the makeshift bandage fell off, and I was expecting the worst, but there wasn’t even a scar!
Of course, medical professionals would advise against doing this, but the nearest medical professionals were twelve miles away, and I didn’t want to bleed all over my car.


It must have been a lightning deal or my Amazon is different than your Amazon (we don’t all see the same prices for things). When I log in I see all the mats at regular price.

Everybody’s mileage may be different.


I have plenty of glue, but I don’t keep tetanus boosters in the house. I probably should.

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How do I know they’re not used?

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They don’t actually heal. They aren’t alive. They won’t sneak into your room and kill you. They aren’t bent on world domination puny human. mwahahahaa

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